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Cult or Just Weird

Dec 29, 2021

Chris & Kayla interview Stephanie McNeal, Senior Buzzfeed culture reporter, and author of the article on LuLaRoe:


Rise & Fall of LuLaRoe Discovery+ documentary featuring Ms McNeal:

Dec 28, 2021

Every step is on the path.

(Lao Tzu)

Chris & Kayla reflect on their journey producing three seasons of Cult or Just Weird, and discuss what lies in store for the future.

Happy Holidays & may your 2022 bring peace and happiness.


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CoJW's journey &...

Dec 14, 2021

The tree of spiritual munificence must be refreshed from time to time.

Chris gets to learn all about the Amish from someone whose story has been featured on a previous episode.

(thanks to Lizzie Hershberger, co-author of Behind Blue Curtains, for her time & insights!)


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