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Cult or Just Weird

Mar 31, 2020

"You cannot save people. You can only love them."
-Anais Nin

Welcome to Cult or Just Weird... SEASON 2.

In this episode Chris and Kayla talk about the importance of expertise, and about what happens when the cult is coming from inside the house.


*Search Categories*

Science / Pseudoscience; Destructive


*Topic Spoiler*

Cult Awareness Network & Cult Deprogramming


*Further Reading*

"Cult" resource groups (check out their "Buyer Beware" section...)


CAN & Deprogramming


A few nodes in the trust network to help you check your assumptions about all of this

"The Brainwashing Myth" on

"Do you Believe in Brainwashing?" on The Guardian

"Brainwashing & Deprogramming are equally mythological" on Skeptoid



*Patreon Credits*

initiates: Michaela Evans

cultists: Rebecca Kirsch, Pam Westergard, Alyssa Ottum, Ryan Quinn, Paul Sweeney