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Cult or Just Weird

Nov 24, 2020

This Is Not A Game.

In part three of the five part COJW series on QAnon, Chris takes a hard look at the human psychology behind game mechanics, and what makes QAnon research so engaging.

Special thanks to ARG game designer & Zombies Run! creator Adrian Hon ( for sitting down with Chris this episode and sharing his thoughts on QAnon and game design!


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Anthropological; Internet culture; Common interest / Fandom; Destructive; Conspiracy Theory


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QAnon, pt 3: QAnon as alternate reality game


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initiates: Michaela Evans

cultists: Rebecca Kirsch, Pam Westergard, Alyssa Ottum, Ryan Quinn, Paul Sweeney, Erin Bratu, Liz T, Lianne Cole, Samantha Bayliff, Katie Larimer