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Cult or Just Weird

Dec 8, 2020

People are hurting.

In the fourth installment of Cult or Just Weird's QAnon deep dive, we hear from real people whose lives and loved ones have been affected by the grip of the online conspiracy.

Content warning for this episode: emotional/interpersonal trauma.

Special thanks to reddit community members from QAnon Casualties, and to ex-Q Jitarth Jadeja ( for sitting down with Chris this episode and sharing their insights and very personal stories.


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Anthropological; Internet culture; Common interest / Fandom; Destructive; Conspiracy Theory


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QAnon, pt 4: Affected friends, family, and ex-members


Further Reading

--- (for full length interviews & transcripts with QAnonCasualties folks)

the following two links are good starting points for understanding more about the 2016 DNC Email situation:

Jitarth's "You guys were right" reddit post: (sorry, we had to... it came up in the interview!)