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Cult or Just Weird

Apr 5, 2022

Information is abundant. Your attention is priceless.

Chris & Kayla kick off S4 of Cult or Just Weird by finding a pretty darn good helper, who has some advice all of us stand to benefit from.


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Anthropological; Internet culture; Conspiracy Theory


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Interview w/ Mike Caulfield of UW's Center for an Informed Public


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Michaela Evans, Heather Aunspach, Annika Ramen, Zero Serres, Alyssa Ottum


Jenny Lamb, Matthew Walden, Rebecca Kirsch, Pam Westergard, Ryan Quinn, Paul Sweeney, Erin Bratu, Liz T, Lianne Cole, Samantha Bayliff, Katie Larimer, Fio H, Jessica Senk, Proper Gander, Kelly Smith Upton, Nancy Carlson, Carly Westergard-Dobson, banana, Megan Blackburn, ISeeSpidersWhereThereAreNone