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Cult or Just Weird

Nov 12, 2019

It's time for a science lesson! Chris digs in on some very specific details of the human body. Links below!

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Want to know a bit more about genetics?
The "Central Dogma of Molecular Biology" (warning: gets pretty technical)

Oct 29, 2019

It's the second part of our Halloween Spook-tacular! Check it out to learn more about Spirit Halloween, and our official ruling. Links below!



Spirit Halloween Wikipedia

Mental Floss article

Bloomberg article

E-clincher article

Vox article

Spirit Halloween Know Your Meme

Business Insider article



Oct 15, 2019

Chris and Kayla welcome in the spooky season with an on-brand episode - and tie together crustaceans, the apocalypse, and ghosts all in one neat package. Links below!



Retail apocalypse Wikipedia

Vox retail apocalypse article

Spirit Halloween Wikipedia

Twisp River Joe Marver arson details

Joe Marver's new gig

Oct 1, 2019

Chris and Kayla take a break from the brutally culty and the wonderfully weird to chat about a little known group with a strange evolution.



99 Percent Invisible - amazing episode about nuclear cats

Collectors Weekly article
Scientific American article
Woodmen Life

Sep 17, 2019

It's the second part of our two-part series on tulpas. Let's talks to some hosts, their tulpas, and decide if this whole thing is a cult, or just weird. Links below!




2018 r/tulpas census

Qwanri's headmates

Is God a tulpa?

NY Times article: Conjuring Up Our Own Gods